August Tech Update

This Month - Five Ways to Stop Data Theft

Five Ways To Stop Data Theft  

A recent survey showed one in four employees will steal data when they leave your company.

And 85 percent of them don’t think they’re doing anything wrong. The cost to your organization could be devastating.

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Performance With Unmatched Capacity and Reliability 

The HPE Proliant ML350, powered by Intel® Xeon® Processors, is an efficient,

high-performance server that delivers expandability, manageability and reliability.

Intel Inside®. Powerful Productivity Outside.

Keep Your Infrastructure Running

Clock Ticking to Upgrade to Microsoft Office 2016

Office 365 customers on the Deferred Channel for upgrades have until

October to implement the February upgrades. Those who don’t will risk being

unsupported with security patches and other fixes.

What You Should Know

Flexible File Storage

With the HPE StoreEasy 1450, powered by Intel® Xeon® Processors,

you get optimized, efficient, secure and highly available storage

to easily address file and application storage needs. Intel Inside®.

Powerful Productivity Outside.

Address Storage Challenges Economically

 Get Out-of-Band for Network Management

Out-of-band management can be the key to better security and performance

for your health care network. Here’s what to look for as you get started.

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Multifunctional and Affordable 

The Aruba 205 Instant Access Point is a compact and cost-effective dual-radio AP

that delivers wireless data rates of up to 867 Mbps to 5-GHz devices with 802.11ac technology

leveraging two spatial MIMO streams while simultaneously supporting 2.4-GHz 802.

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